1. Dreams, Visions, Illusions
    Nick Finzer

  2. Beautiful Tomorrow

  3. Other Side
    Danielle Wertz

  4. Sparks
    Ludovica Burtone

  5. Daybreak
    Nicholas Brust

  6. Mi Hogar
    Rachel Therrien

  7. Same Moon in the Same World
    Ant Law & Alex Hitchcock

    Nicole Zuraitis, Thana Alexa, Julia Adamy

  9. Hodges: Front and Center Vol. 1
    Owen Broder

  10. Consider The Stars Beneath Us
    Noah Garabedian

  11. Busy Body
    Sam Blakeslee & Wishful Thinking

  12. Disparate Parts
    Roxy Coss

  13. Intertwine
    Clark Sommers

  14. With Love, From Kansas City
    Adam Larson

  15. The Game
    Johnny Steele

  16. NEXTLEVEL: Pictures in Time
    Alex Sjobeck & David Baker

  17. Facing West
    Donnie Norton

  18. New Dreams
    Jimmy Haslip/Barry Coates

  19. Higher Grounds

  20. NEXTLEVEL: Sunflower Song
    Brian Scarborough

  21. Quintet
    Roxy Coss

  22. Shine Thru
    Dan Schnelle

  23. Plus One
    Dan Pugach Nonet

  24. NEXTLEVEL: Incredible Views From Above
    Vincent Ding

  25. NextLevel: Of Narratives & Nocturnes
    Simeon Davis Group

  26. NEXTLEVEL: Smash!
    Stephen Philip Harvey

  27. Analog Dreams
    Chris Teal Trio

  28. NEXTLEVEL: Noli Me Tángere
    Matthew Muñeses

  29. NEXTLEVEL: A Lotus in the Mud
    Yu Nishiyama

  30. Songs of Rebirth
    Jeremy Siskind

  31. The State of Things
    Quentin Angus

  32. Kinetic
    Steven Feifke

  33. NEXTLEVEL: Eleven O' Seven
    Grace Fox

  34. Forward
    Chad McCullough

  35. Seven Angels
    John Lake

  36. With Love, From Chicago
    Adam Larson

  37. Motion
    Doug Stone

  38. The Garden of Earthly Delights
    André Carvalho

    Jeremy Noller & Mangue Sylla

  40. NEXTLEVEL: Open the Door
    Anna Laura Quinn

  41. Live at the Museum
    Mathis Picard

  42. Riverside
    Oz Noy, Ugonna Okegwo, Ray Marchica

  43. Out of Focus
    Nick Finzer

  44. Cast of Characters
    Nick Finzer

  45. Climbing Trees
    Rafal Sarnecki

  46. First things First
    Andrew Gould

  47. Clock Stories Volume 1
    Peter Nelson

  48. Elevation
    Danny Janklow

  49. Bluer Than You Think
    Cowboys & Frenchmen

  50. The Answer is No
    Lucas Pino

  51. Look Up!
    Andrew Gutauskas

  52. Hear & Now
    Nick Finzer

  53. We, The People (Single Version)
    Nick Finzer

  54. New Amsterdam
    Philippe Lemm Trio

  55. Arrhythmia
    Jimmy O'Connell Sixtet

  56. Live in Memphis! (featuring Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba)
    Nick Finzer & Chris Ziemba

  57. Manhattan Lullaby
    Chris Ziemba

  58. Of Colors, Un/Folding
    Curtis J Stewart

  59. Rodeo
    Cowboys & Frenchmen

  60. Introducing Dave Baron

  61. Exposition
    Nick Finzer

  62. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Doug Stone

  63. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
    Hailey Brinnel


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